Original pic
Darken, color saturated a little

1.  The photo that this whole story is about (to the right) is roughly two years after that second operation. My Dog, a friend and myself were hiking in the mountains in the fall of 2009, when she snapped a picture of me then picture of my Dog on the hillside.  I was on the rocks to the left in front of her (I offset these pics because of what was hidden in the leaves... I will explain later).  These pictures were taken one right after another.  I believe she had a 5 pixel digital pocket camera nothing fancy.  When we got home from the trip we exchanged photo's.... like many times before. 




 2.  This one picture (above) stood out, My Dog seemed to glow on the bank.  So I decided to crop this (pic to the left) and put it on my computer as a background. One day (which was probably many months or a year after setting this pic as a background) I was waiting for my computer to complete its start up and something of my dog caught my attention that I never noticed before. She seemed to have what appeared to be a faint image of wings going up the sides of her chest (pic below). My first thought was "yup, she's my little angel"...but little did I realize, this was the beginning of  a small seed that was about to grow bigger than I could possibly imagine. At this point though, I didn't realize anything significant was going on or that I was being led by the Holy Spirit to see these things. You would probably come to the same conclusion after looking at this page. I sensed something more was happening here with these images and their biblical overtone, but I could not put my finger on it.

3. The next thing I noticed was a profile of two heads with shoulders at the lower part of the wings they seemed to be bowing to the middle (left). One of the heads looked to be like a male figure and one female.  Looking in the middle I saw what appeared to be a man. (Every knee will bow to Jesus). Ok, even though I thought this was kind of cool, I had no idea where this was leading me. I decided to darken the image to enhance what I saw clearly and I started to show people.  Obviously some thought it was imagination, but some saw it clearly too.  My questions at the time was how does something with so much detail show itself on the fur of a dog.  I believe next I saw a fist coming out of the sleeve at the top of the image under my dog's chin.  It was my Mom who said that area was shaped like a heart.  So my own personal thing was that it was a sign from God that it was His love and power that pulled my dog through that last operation. Then, I noticed that whole area of the images was in the shaped of a chalice.  So for a year or more I showed people.... some saw and some didn't. Ok, before you write this off as crazy...look at the next few pages to see how I was led into seeing things of a greater scale. It wasn't till I saw the Cherub (next page)  that I knew more was going on here.(I was led to this image maybe a year later after seeing these images) Many events kept pulling me back to see.


Wings...first thing noticed
Two heads bowing ...2nd thing noticed
Image of what I thought resembled Jesus...3rd thing noticed
Arm / fist coming out of a sleeve...4th thing noticed