So I started looking closer, turning the image on my Dog's chest and saturating the color to enhance the images to see if anything else would show up.  I started to see different figures and crosses.  I showed others and some were seeing figures I was missing.  So I put the image of my Dog's chest up on the computer screen and enlarge just shy of pixelating and then took pictures with a digital camera to get a closer look in certain areas and uploaded back into the computer. Many images cleared up for me.



In the lower pics, I found what appeared to be a woman and a lion...actually there are 3 lions facing different ways. I still wasn't sure what all this meant....but I was determined to traced everything I was seeing. On the left of the pic there appears to be a white cross.



It wasn't until I saw the cupid figure in the leaves in the background looking down towards my Dog that I knew there was something more to this than I was aware of. It wasn't long before I determined that this was a Cherub that seemed to be protecting something. 

If you can't see what I'm talking about (to the right) the next page will have a bigger pic of the image and separate pictures with images traced.



 It wasn't until a friend that I email the images to said she saw an angel in one of the wings that a turn of events happened. It was Christmas Eve (2012)  and I was waiting for my girlfriend to pick me up for a family gathering that I decided to look for this angel.  When I thought I could see her I noticed it was so light I wouldn't be able to show anyone so I tried a few different ways to enhance what I was seeing.  My final try was a sepia format (black and white) and then I darkened it.  I started to see her a little better, when in the corner of my eye to the right BAM!  There it was the face of Jesus (completely clear and undeniable).  I think my heart skipped a beat. When my girlfriend came in house I grabbed her and said come here look who I found.  All I said was "I was trying to darken her, look to your right".  She said "Oh my God!"...She stood there aww...

 I felt an extreme amount of happiness obviously from what was there and the look on her face....  Complete amazement. On Christmas Day, the Amazement continued... I found the Father.  I saw him for a second then I couldn't see him. At the time I didn't know it was the Father, but I saw the face in a flash of a sec.  I remember saying "I see you, wait, where did you go?"   Then with persistence I found the Father again.  I remember my first feeling when I saw his face.  One of joy, then I saw the love in him reaching around His Son like he was helping him then I saw sadness like it hurt him putting his Son through what He did. 

Ezekiel 19:1-3    She lay down among lions...